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About Us

We are an inclusive global community and platform, for ocean caring people, innovators and entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and collaborate, to shape our community and act in the best interest of the ocean.

We provide learning programs and knowledge, to increase ocean awareness, support choices in daily life, and ultimately as the foundation for innovation.

We invite early stage innovators and entrepreneurs to join, develop solutions and progress in our annual  Ocean Community Challenge

Focusing on early teams and ideas, we fill a void in the ocean innovation ecosystem for early innovators and ideas with impact potential that are not yet accelerator- or investor ready.


  • We are a Portuguese Associacao and non-profit legal entity, with NIPC 516.014.374, and we operate under Portuguese regulation and  EU law.  

  • Our board is presented below.

  • Our by-laws can be found here.

  • Individual Members are welcome without mandatory membership fees.

  • Our Business Partners are not charged.

  • Starting 2024, Business Associates and Category Sponsors will pay annual associate fees to support Ocean Community program development and activities.


A collaborative and united community transforming ideas into solutions that protect the ocean and contribute to thriving coastal communities and a prosperous blue economy.  


We provide an open platform for Ocean caring people to connect, learn, and act. We enable early innovators and entrepreneurs to develop and launch ocean friendly solutions.

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