Advisory board

Our advisory board consists of dedicated individuals with experience from a variety of industries. Finding strength in their diverse backgrounds, their passion for the ocean unites them. Our advisors support OCC with their expertise and ensure that we achieve our goals. They are all committed to delivering a successful program with significant impact and great results.


Niklas Knutsson

Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

Niklas grew up on a peninsula in rural Northeast Sweden and is conscious of the need to find new business models that revive both the biodiversity of the ocean and rural coastal societies. He believes that the development of ecologically, economically and socially sustainable blue business is key to healthy ocean communities, and promotes those business models that are scalable. Niklas is based in Lisbon as Secretary-General of the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

Sérgio Leandro

SmartOCEAN Peniche and ESTM Polytechnic Institute of Leiria 

Sérgio is the deputy director of the School of Tourism and Maritime Technology of Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (ESTM-IPLeiria) and the scientific coordinator of SmartOcean Science and Maritime Technology park in Peniche, Portugal. He is also a member of the MAB UNESCO Portuguese national committee and Co-Manager of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Berlengas. Sérgio is also a member of the MARE research unit, and a principal researcher of FCT Portugal and FEAMP projects within Marine Ecology, Marine Biotechnology, Fisheries and Aquaculture and Ocean Literacy. 

Anette Nordvall

Keiretsu Forum Nordics

Anette leads the OCC Jury Assembly and is an active early stage tech investor focusing on ICT and deep-tech science based innovation while adding global environmental goals into the mist. 

Anette has received multiple recognitions; One of Sweden’s most powerful tech investors 2016, Nordic 100 most influential persons 2018 and mentioned in EBAN 2018 report on 200+ most active Business Angels in Europe. Anette was also crowned “Sweden’s nicests Business Angel” at Venture Cup Sweden 2018. Anette is a Partner at Stockholm Business Angels, Managing General Partner at Nordvest, Venture Partner at Butterfly Ventures, Chairwoman at “We Don’t Have Time”, Managing Partner and founding investor at Cross Nordic Capital and is the Chapter President and CEO of Keiretsu Forum Nordics.

Mafalda de Taborda Lourenço

Nunes&TabordaLourenço Advogados

Mafalda is the first chairwoman of the OCC Assembly Board, and an innovative and successful attorney. Mafalda is passionate about justice, court procedures and environmental responsibility. 

Mafalda has lived all her life by the ocean and is an active member of the Lourinhã coastal community and west coastal region in Portugal, contributing to ecological initiatives and promoting a zero-waste-lifestyle.

Carlos Lobo

EY Portugal

Carlos Lobo is a member of the OCC Executive Board with roots in the Silver Coast of Portugal and a strong advocate for SMART urbanization and digitalization of the Public Sector. 

Carlos is a Partner and Manager at the Tax Department of EY Portugal and has held positions as Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, Deputy to the Office of the Minister of Finance and served as an Advisor to the Office of the Minister of Finance. 

Carlos has a PhD in Law and is a professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, where he has also held positions as the Vice-rector and Pro-rector.

Miguel Brandão

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Dr. Miguel Brandão is Associate Professor in Industrial Ecology and Life Cycle Assessment at KTH, Stockholm. He works with the use of hard systems approaches that can robustly support decisions towards sustainable development. His research has focused on the integrated assessment of bio-based systems, with emphasis on their impacts on climate change, resource depletion, ecosystem services and biodiversity. 

Malin Friberg

Capgemini Invent

Malin works as a Senior Management Consultant within Capgemini Invent’s Strategy Team in Stockholm and has acquired project experience from  industries such as Fintech, telecommunications, software, media, logistics, aviation and energy. Being part of Capgemini’s M&A silo she is familiar with both buy-side and sell-side and has worked with new tech such as AI/machine learning, solar photovoltaics and next-generation telco solutions.

Through this joint perspective MAlin has developed a passion for leading market change through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Malin holds a dual M.Sc. Degree in International Business and CEMS International Management at the Stockholm School of Economics and University of Sydney Business School. 

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