Assessment criteria

All submissions will be given a score from 1-100 for their solution based on our grading criteria. Submissions with an average score above 50 are eligible to compete for the final awards. The jury will select the top three submissions of the eligible submissions to be awarded.


The jury will score the submissions based on below criteria. 



The idea is described in a clear and comprehensive way.

The submission is well-structured and easy to understand.


Ocean Resources

The submission leverages the ocean, by harnessing its resources or contributes to preventive measures and maintenance of a healthy ocean ecosystem.



The submission involves/leverages technology.

The involvement of the specific technology adds value to the final product.



The submission promotes circular economy principles for a new solution/design or presents a sustainable alternative to an available product. 

The submission contributes to solving environmental challenges.



The proposed product is technically feasible.

There are identified initial or potential customers and/or users. 

The competitive advantages of the product are identified. 


Team Competence

The participant or participating team is motivated and qualified with the basic competence to drive the initial development of the product forward. 


NB. Subject to the corona situation the award ceremony will take place in a virtual format on Nov 20th 2020, 1 pm-3 pm CET. (The original event was planned to be held in Peniche, Portugal where hopefully OCC 2021 instead can take place).


The Awards for Top 3 selected ideas consist of the following components: 


A. Mentoring and pitch training. The selected teams will be allocated their own business mentor. The mentor will provide coaching and weekly follow-up sessions to help improve the solution and prepare the team for the final pitch session.


B. Pitch for angel investors. The selected teams will get the opportunity to virtually pitch their solution to angel investors. The teams will receive live feedback and input. This will be in conjunction with the award ceremony in November 2020. 


C. Seed Funding. The selected teams will each receive a contribution to a first seed funding by OCC to contribute to the continued development of their solution.


  1. 3000 euros

  2. 2000 euros

  3. 1000 euros 


The above amounts can potentially be increased by the angel investors, based on their assessment of the pitch-session.

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