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Building University Partnerships; Copenhagen IT University OCC Solutions

Updated: Apr 21

During our launch of Ocean Community Challenge 2020, we were honored to establish partnership with the IT University of Copenhagen to work with final year students integrating sustainable solution design in their cross-disciplinary course.

The course engaged students from four programs computer science, business IT, digital design & interactive technologies, and games studies. Assistant Professor Fatemeh Saadatmand acted as initiator and advisor to the students. Students developed several relevant prototype solutions to ocean challenges. During the design work, we lectured on “Circular Economy Principles” and on November 24th, prototypes were presented by respective student team. The session was truly inspiring, and some results are highlighted below. We are happy for the opportunity to integrate this OCC inspired solution design process into academic curriculums without compromising the academic integrity. Looking ahead, we will approach and invite other universities to do the same, and look forward to continued collaboration with CPH IT University and to bring similar partner programs to other Universities.

We are happy to present some of the solutions presented as prototypes or concepts below.

Mining for charity

This solution is based on an adapted version of the mining for cryptocurrency concept, where people donate the cryptocurrencies to ocean conservation projects. By using the power of the computer, one can contribute to empowering non-profits and realizing positive projects even without the ability to donate their own funds.

Killer Algae Notification

This solution supports spreading knowledge of harmful algal bloom pretense in the waters. The prototype is developed as an extension to an exciting weather forecast app, where the users get a notification when the harmful algae is present in waters close to them.

Ocean Cleaners

There is no existing open data source for ocean data; This solution aims at giving a better understanding of the plastics present in the ocean by developing a solution to display marine litter data. Furthermore, the team aims at collaboration with institutions for collecting litter and will develop a platform to market those contributing to tackling this pressing issue.

Throw the mask

This team is tackling the increasing problem of face maks disposed freely turning into - amongst others - ocean trash. Their prototype is a game developed to incentivize people to recycle their used masks, where you will get points each time you recycle the mask.


SeaIT is an app based on augmented reality to raise awareness about and prevent marine litter in the oceans. The app enables exploration of the magnitude and impact of marine litter on the ocean ecosystem.


This solution demonstrates how sustainable the fish you purchase is. Based on several sustainability metrics, the fish is given a score of how healthy and sustainable it is. The solution aims at stopping illegal and harmful harvesting by empowering consumers to make more ethical decisions.

It was a great pleasure working with the students at the IT University of Copenhagen. We are looking forward to following their future development and to continued collaboration.

If you are interested in partnerships, participation, support or investing in our Bluetech journey contact us at

When the ocean breathe, we breathe. 💙

Stay tuned for #OCC2021


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