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When the oceans breathe, we breathe.

Global goals can be reached through ocean opportunities. We encourage people to explore how to leverage emerging digital technologies with ocean resources to solve some of the challenges for the ocean.

Quando o oceano respira, nós respiramos.

Os objectivos globais podem ser alcançados pelas oportunidades que os oceanos nos oferecem. Encorajamos as pessoas a explorar e aproveitar as emergentes tecnologias digitais com os recursos marinhos para resolver alguns dos desafios que os oceanos enfrentam actualmente.

"OCC provided a platform for us to grow as entrepreneurs; By providing an excellent business coach as well as a panel of angel investors, to which we had never pitched to before, we were able to refine our business model and pitch tailored towards investment”.


- ReShore, 1st prize winners OCC 2020

"One of the things I love about OCC is their dedication and that they are committed to support their participants."


- SOSO Care, 2nd prize winners, OCC 2020

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The ocean is crying out for new ideas to survive and thrive!

The ocean's critical state is threatening our existence. Passionate about this issue, we came together in an understanding that the world needs to identify sustainable solutions to resolve the ocean’s challenges.


We want to enable brilliant minds to capture the opportunities new technologies bring, to develop sustainable businesses based on ocean resources and circular economy principles.

Our vision is to usher the next generation of blue tech innovation – for a healthier, more efficient and well-governed ocean. 

Our mission is to encourage, capture and transform early stage ideas into leads that attract relevant accelerators and investors.

OCC enables the design and launch of solutions benefiting preservation of our oceans and sustainable utilization of ocean resources and development of ocean communities.

Be part of the solution!

While established on the coast of Portugal, we are a global challenge that invites you as a global citizen to part-take in solving these global issues.

We are looking for prototype solutions that build synergies across


Ocean Resources
Circular Economy Principles

Submit your ideas in one of the following categories: 


How it works



SUBMISSION deadline 



October 15th, 2020

November 1st, 2020

November 20th,



All participants will receive professional and general feedback and evaluation of their product and networking experience together with peers and industry professionals. In addition, the top three submissions will receive:


The selected teams will be allocated their own business mentor. The mentor will provide coaching and weekly follow-up sessions to help improve the solution and prepare the team for the final pitch session. 


The selected teams will get the opportunity to pitch their solution to angel investors at a virtual conference. The teams will receive live feedback and input.  


The selected teams will each receive a base seed funding by OCC to contribute to the continued development of their solution.


  1. 3000 euros

  2. 2000 euros

  3. 1000 euros 


The above amounts can potentially be increased by the angel investors, based on the pitch-session.

NB. Subject to the corona situation, the award ceremony will be virtual on Nov 20th 2020, 1 pm-3 pm CET. The event was originally planned to be held in Peniche, Portugal.

We believe collaborative innovation is a catalyst for impact

Therefore, we created a workspace in Slack to bring together great minds from across the globe to solve coastal and ocean challenges.


Regardless of your background - we invite you to connect with like minded people, assist the entrepreneurs in their process, and make use of the community to move forward with your solutions!

We are teaming up with top universities and organizations to provide you with the necessary support to develop your solutions: 

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