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ocean friendly legal entities

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Help create waves

As an Business Associate you help introduce sustainable practices across industries. Your contribution will help us support new innovation and visionary entrepreneurs making a positive impact through ocean friendly solutions to critical human lifestyle challenges.

  • Leadership: Show your alignment with sustainable practices and ocean healthy solutions.

  • Amplify your impact: Collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to make a real difference.

  • Ride the innovation wave: Share your ideas, present challenges and access insights and cutting-edge resources that can propel sustainable practices.

  • Step into the arena: Get involved through events, seminars and conferences tapping into the global shift towards future-proof business models.

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Our requirement is that you support our Vision & Mission


A collaborative and united community transforming ideas into solutions that protect the ocean and contribute to thriving coastal communities and a prosperous blue economy.  


We provide an open platform for Ocean caring people to connect, learn, and act. We enable early innovators and entrepreneurs to develop and accelerate ocean friendly solutions.

Business Associate benefits

  • Access our community network of ocean passionate people, companies and organisations, startups, top R&D centres and universities.

  • Promote your logo and company on our Website. 

  • Participate in events organised or promoted by Ocean Community.

  • Co-arrange events and meet-ups.

  • Receive knowledge and regular updates about the state of our ocean, ocean innovation opportunities and bluetech solutions.

  • Access the international entities, clusters and networks within Ocean Community's partner network.

  • Get support for Blue Economy relevant calls under financial instruments within European Union.

  • Tap into funding program opportunities to leverage innovative solutions in your business.

  • Take the opportunity to launch and communicate internships attracting highly skilled Ocean Innovators.

  • Ask support from Ocean Community to organise company presentations, seminars and other events.

  • Consider other customised services delivered together with our global best practice partners based on your individual requests;

    • ​Knowledge and training tailored to business areas

    • Support services to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

    • Innovation programs from ignition to venture studios and enterprise transformation

    • Supply chain- or value chain assessments identifying and targeting blue transformation opportunities

    • Technological screening, matching with R&D groups, optimising strategies for promotion, tech transfer and deployment.

Image by Nicolas Weldingh

business Associate categories

2024 Annual fee € 

Associate fees from small to large businesses, sports-clubs and universities, advance our community platform and programs, extend our global reach, foster knowledge sharing, and fuel the innovation necessary to cultivate and accelerate ocean-friendly solutions. 

Micro or Start-Up


<10 employees or less than 5 years of activity

Small / University


10-50 employees



51-250 employees



>250 employees

Category Sponsor


Business Associate Application

Please fill in below details. We will respond including a simple instruction of how to securely submit your payment and onboard.

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