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Ocean Academy

For innovative Ocean- and blue tech lovers, Ocean Academy is the perfect stepping-stone into Ocean innovation.

Our combined interactive- and classroom learning courses inspire and transfer deep Ocean knowledge together with the tech and entrepreneurial skills required to prepare for participation in our innovation initiative, the Ocean Community Challenge

The program is designed for Senior/Master level University students and early-stage entrepreneurs; The only restriction is the ability to read and write and pass the Basic Ocean Skills module examination test. 
Ocean Community Academy includes courses in Ocean Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Skills. Our Ocean Knowledge courses present the basics of Ocean science, Ocean challenges and the "Ocean" of resources and solutions available to address them.

The Entrepreneurial Skills program adds innovation and business knowledge and tools to enable action in a sustainable and commercially viable way.  

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Image by Matt Hardy
Image by Fernando Maté

Why Care learning modules

Anyone who is Ocean curious can enjoy our basic Ocean Literacy learning module "Why care about the Ocean". This is an interactive learning journey spanning across the 7 Ocean principles

"Why Care about the Ocean" will be available in Q2 2024, and followed by more interactive learning modules in the "Why Care" series.


Ocean Literacy

Being Ocean literate means understanding the Ocean´s influence on us and our influence on the Ocean and that understanding is one of the overarching targets of the OC Academy Ocean Skills Program.


Our ocean is the foundation of life on Earth. It provides the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat and is the largest platform for mobility and transportation on our planet. And in its unexplored waters lies the potential resources to help solve health problems and climate change. In all, our Ocean Skills program highlights the urgent need to create a healthy ocean for this planet, so that it may remain habitable, and the building blocks with which to do so. 

Entrepreneurial Skills

Innovation and Business Skills are relevant not only to understand how to protect but also how to sustainably leverage, our ocean’s resources. The ocean innovation landscape is rapidly evolving and providing exciting technology and solutions that address our future needs for mobility, food, packaging materials, building materials, medication, and health care just to mention a few.


The Entrepreneurial Skills Learning Modules of the OC Academy focus on the solution landscape and the knowledge and practical tools required to capture an early-stage idea, design a viable solution, commercialise technology and become business ready.  

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