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Ocean Ambassador Program

An opportunity for you who are a university student, with a passion for ocean knowledge and innovation, and want to make a positive impact on our blue planet!

By participating in the Ocean Ambassador program, students take on meaningful responsibilities, acting as the bridge between Ocean Community and their University. 


Ocean Ambassadors are part of our community development and programs focusing on ocean challenges and innovative sustainable solutions.


Being an Ocean Ambassador, presents a remarkable opportunity to strengthen your blue CV and taking active part in growing ocean awareness and a sustainable ocean agenda at your campus.


Connect, Learn and Act - Be part of the solution

Image by Teemu Paananen
Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Dom Fou
Image by Kvalifik

Strengthen your blue CV

The Blue Economy

The Ocean Innovation space is buzzing with new ventures - we hope below sample inspires!

 In the blue economy you will find a wide range of career paths. Whether you are interested in biology, engineering, policy-making or business - you can contribute to the blue economy, sustainable use of ocean resources and help shape the ocean of tomorrow.

In 2023 the blue economy was valued at 1,5 trillion USD.

Your Ocean Ambassador experience prepares you to dive in and participate!

2023 Blue Economy Value 1,5 trillion USD

Roles and Responsibilities


Being a part of Ocean Community and Lead of our Ocean Ambassadors, is giving me a completely new understanding of the opportunities the Ocean brings to businesses and our society, together with giving me the satisfaction of sharing knowledge and hope about a Bright Blue future"

Frida Olovsson,
Msc Student Intl Business Umeå University, Sweden
and Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal 

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