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Assessment criteria

Submissions are considered in scope when the solution uses technologies and leverages ocean resources with an objective to solve ocean’s challenges. 

All submissions in scope will be given a score from 1-100 for their solution based on our assessmenet criteria. Submissions with an average score above 50 are eligible to attend the final event and compete for the prize. The number of finalists is maximum 10


The solution is described in a clear and comprehensive way. Clearly stated what need is solved through the solution. The submission is well-structured and easy to understand. 


Ocean Resources 

The submission leverages the ocean, by harnessing its resources or contributes to preventive measures and maintenance of a healthy ocean ecosystem. 



The submission promotes circular economy principles for a new solution/design or presents a sustainable alternative to an available product. The submission contributes to solving environmental challenges. 



The submission indicates an understanding of the target end client and user, along with the market attractiveness. The competitive advantages of the product are identified. 



The submission involves/leverages technology. The use of the specific technology adds value to the final product, without a negative impact on the environment. The underlying specific technology is clearly described. 



The proposed solution is technically feasible. It is supported by relevant technical skills / competencies and by readily available partners, suppliers and eco-system. 



The proposed solution has laid out a process of the initial development of the solution, testing and roll-out. Moreover, the participants have assessed the time period it takes from the current state of the solution to finished product. 


Team Competence

The participant, or participating team, is motivated and qualified with the basic competence to drive the initial development of the product forward. In case the team has identified missing skills, the submission highlights how the needed skills will be acquired to develop the solution. 


Financial Feasibility

The participants have identified the financial feasibility of the solution (early estimate) and its commercialization. A revenue strategy is defined and an analysis of the cost structure for the initial development, including its recurring cost, has been performed. In addition, the participants have identified potential collaborators/partners to develop the solution. 



The submission highlights how to measure and monitor the environmental impact of the solution and its commercialization. 

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