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Meet our final five – Happy Seacucumber

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

It’s finally time to introduce our fifth and last final team – Happy Seacucumber. In this post, you will meet Zairah and Kosta, the team behind Happy Seacucumber, and learn more about their solution.

We are Zairah Khan and Kosta Skliris, as ocean enthusiasts we want to create more sustainable economic opportunities for coastal communities. Together, we started the Happy Seacucumber, the first sea cucumber farm in the Mediterranean.

Sea cucumbers provide a climate-friendly alternative to other sources of animal protein and they are packed with health benefits. The Chinese have known this for centuries which is why sea cucumbers are considered a high-priced delicacy. Increased demand for Mediterranean species has unfortunately led to a dramatic decline of the natural population. Our farm in the pristine Greek waters will provide a sustainable alternative to wild-caught sea cucumber and contribute actively to their conservation in the wild.

As the ‘oceans cleaners’, sea cucumbers play a vital role in marine ecosystems. That is why we will farm ours near existing fish farms so that they can clean up excess nutrients. Our ‘happy seacucumbers' are the ultimate circular comfort food!

We are applying to the Ocean Community Challenge to find supporters for our plan and leverage the power of the community to catapult this plan forward.

If you want to support us – head on over to Ocean Communities We Don’t Have Time page and vote by clicking agree! You can find it here


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