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OCC 2021 - top pick announcement

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Thank you all who took part in and contributed to the Ocean Community Challenge 2021. We are so impressed by the high-quality solutions that we have received during this challenge and we are now more convinced than ever that the future truly is both bright and blue.

From the high number of submissions received, five finalist teams were selected for business coaching preparing them for the final event “Boosing ocean solutions". The virtual event took place on February 15th where the finalist team got to present their idea to our expert jury panel. The panel was represented by Marcus Hølland Eikeland, Rita Sousa, Ann Carpenter, and Anette Nordvall.

With that being said, it is now time to present our top pick and awarded solutions:

1. AlgoBio

The team has submitted a solution that leverages tech together with ocean resources applying circular economy principles and sustainable thinking. This brought them into the finals with high assessment scores from the Ocean Community Assessment Team.

During the mentoring phase, confirmed by the assigned mentor, the team displayed further ability to improve their solution and pitch as displayed in the presentation to the expert jury panel.

In all 5 dimensions,considered by the jury, the team displayed strength;

  1. The solution sustainably leverages ocean resources and meets feasibility requirements as well as includes a unique chemical component and tech application.

  2. The market potential and scalability opportunities are clear based on proven product demand.

  3. The team displays both the competence and dedication required to drive the next immediate steps of the continued venture journey.

  4. The presentation included all desired components and clarity required for the Jury assessment.

  5. The way ahead shows a potential that the jury sees an opportunity to contribute to as part of the tailored program that Ocean Community is enabling

This, in combination with a large number of votes on We Don't Have Time, makes team AlgoBio the OCC 2021 top pick!

2. Happy Seacucumber

3. ChiNet

4. OceaNet

5. TideTiles

We would like to thank all the finalist teams for being part of the solution! We are so impressed and inspired by your solutions and we are truly looking forward to being a part of your continued journeys ahead.


4 commentaires

13 juin

Başarılar dileriz


13 juin

Başarılar dilerim.


12 juin

Wunderschöne Projekt viel Erfolg Vessel X.


12 juin

Well done ty

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