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Announcing the winners of Ocean Community Challenge 2024!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Ocean Community Challenge 2024, unveiled June 20th at the Oceanovation Festival in The Hague!

This year’s challenge saw a myriad of innovative ocean solutions. Our heartfelt congratulations to the six awarded teams who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, engagement and progress throughout the first mentoring phase!

Assessment and way forward

We are very happy to have had a fantastic group of 10 finalist teams, representing 8 countries and 5 different ocean verticals. The decision on the awarded 6 teams is based on a joint assessment of the entry assessment, clarification- and mentor calls, jury feedback and mentor dialogue.

The awarded teams are invited to join our fall acceleration program. This program is uniquely tailored to our teams - not a "one size fits all". We also acknowledge that the teams have an additional potential from working together. Cross-team interaction is therefore embedded in the program, allowing the teams to reach higher levels of individual viability while collaborating!

Ocean Community Challenge '24 finalists and mentors:

Public votes

We received an astonishing engagement in the public voting of favorite solution - with over 60 000 individual votes!

We are excited to present that the top three teams with the most votes were Vessel X, ExypnoTech and C-Plastic.

These teams, regardless of being selected to the Award program or not, will benefit from a 2-hour business model/investor strategy workshop and will automatically enter as finalists if they apply for next year's Ocean Community Challenge.


On the second day of Oceanovation 2024 in the Hague, our team presented the awarded teams on stage. To a room full of other innovators, investors and ocean lovers, we showed the teams' 5-minute pitch and talked about the journey.

Finally, it is time to show off our awarded six to the rest of the Ocean Community:



Fish n' Greens is a pioneering project in Portugal that leverages nature-based, modular technology (SWIMS™) to establish commercially viable aquaponic units near cities. They are redefining urban food production with a closed-loop system that fosters the sustainable co-existence of fish and plant cultivation.


KIDEMIS is a Swiss startup that is developing a sustainable alternative to fishmeal and fish oil for aquafeed. The company's mycoprotein aquafeed is produced from renewable resources and is a high-quality, cost-effective, and scalable alternative to traditional aquafeed.



EC4RAS from India develops innovative land-based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) using a unique Hybrid Electro-Chemical process to enhance sustainable seafood production. Their technology aims to transform global aquaculture by providing efficient, bio-secure, and environmentally friendly solutions that support food security and ESG targets.


Coldharbour Tiles is a luxury eco-tile brand developed by a German female founder, and the solution recycles plastics from fishing nets to manufacture floor- and wall tiles.



Portuguese Algaesys provides a unique water, nutrient and energy recovering system that utilizes algae, other natural phototropic organisms and the power of the sun.



Vatoz is an autonomous marine vessel developed by a team in Turkey, that efficiently collects waste and monitors environmental parameters in coastal areas. It serves coastal communities and environmental agencies by providing real-time data and reducing pollution.

We encourage you to check them all out!

There is an Ocean of Solutions. By diving in with an open mind and a willingness to explore uncharted waters, we can discover hidden treasures, unlock new possibilities and chart a course towards success and fulfillment.

-Your Ocean Community Team


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